5 DIY tips for Spring Decorating

Spring is a beautiful season. As nature awakes, the flowers bloom and the sun warms up the colors around us. Everything seems to be brighter and warmer. It’s only natural that we yearn to clean our homes and spruce them up for spring holidays.

Here are 5 easy DIY tips to decorate your home for spring.

1. Update your draperies. Adding new draperies in light colors or with flower design will make any room seem brighter and will add more light.
2. Make new pillow cases for your sofa or bed pillows. Again, choose light pastel colors and mix them with bright flowery designs.
3. Go ahead and change the color of your accent wall. Choose any color you like: pink, bright green or blue, after all it is your accent wall. You can also use a wall paper is bright cheerful colors
4. If you are reluctant to change your design too much, just add flower arrangements. Use spring flowers such as tulips, apple blossoms, daffodils.
5. Add art such as paintings or prints displaying beautiful flowers.

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