5 easy tips to decorate your mantel

Fireplace adds warmth to your home in more that one way. On a chilly night you can build a fire, real or electric, and it will definitely make your night special. Let your fireplace add interest and sophistication to your home by creating a unique mantel decor. So how do you exactly decorate your mantel without breaking the bank?

1. Mirrors. Traditionally a large gold framed mirror makes your fireplace a center piece. But it can be expensive besides it could be very difficult to install. So what can you do to add the sparkle without spending a fortune? You can add more than one mirror. Make a collage of mirrors of different sizes and forms, or just the opposite place three mirrors in a row or make a square out of four mirrors of the same size. You can even mix the mirrors and the pictures for more interest.

2. Candlesticks. Candles add a very nice touch to any decor. Traditionally candlesticks and candelabras were used to decorate mantels of the fireplaces in different cultures and styles. You could place two candle holders symmetrically and if you happened to have multiple candle holders of different sizes and shapes – arrange them on one side of the mantel and it will instantly add more interest, You can use your single crystal and glass candle holders, yes the ones that are left without a pair after you broke it.

3. Plants. Two or three topiary’s placed on you mantel will make a beautiful decor statement

4. Art gallery. Display your favorite art, a large painting or a few various sizes prints, it will allow you to show off your taste in art and will certainly decorate your room

5. Museum. Display some artifacts that you acquired over the years, your favorite flee market finds, treasures inherited from your grandmother or souvenirs brought from memorable vacations.

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