Appliances for Tight Spaces

The challenge of designing a kitchen for a not-so-big (well, small) space can be overwhelming all by itself. But choosing the right appliances can be simply annoying. There seems to be a lot of options for spacious houses. Do the manufacturers forget about the rest of the market? Well some of them still remember. The Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom-Freezer refrigerator from GE is a perfect appliance for a tight space. Height: 77 1/4 Depth: 26-3/8 Width: 23-3/8 – perfect!

To complement this wonderful fridge get an Avanti 18″ Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher. It’s made to be built-in under a counter top and comes with extra long leveling legs to help it fit under most counter heights and, according to the manufacturer, offers quiet operation which is also very important if you are tight on space.

SUMMIT PROFESSIONAL brings the classic designs and durability of stainless steel to apartment sized ranges, offering 24 and even 20 inch models. Made in the USA, they have pretty larger ovens and wrapped stainless steel oven doors.

So after all, it’s all peachy again!

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