Thankgiving decor idea – Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece

Here’s one more last-minute idea for your Thanksgiving decoration project. A pumpkin covered in flowers, a stylish way to create a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table or holiday buffet. This project was featured on Southern Living but I have been using this idea for years and it always looks original and instantly becomes a conversation piece.

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Thankgiving Decor – decorating with Pumpkins

Decorating on a budget might not be easy but it is possible. And if you execute it with taste and care it will look as special and maybe even more than expensive showcases. One idea for your Thanksgiving decor is using pumpkins for your flower arrangements. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Decoration ideas – floating candles

Thanksgiving Day has always been associated with warm home, family gathered around the table, the abundance of fall offering us variety of tastes and colors. Things we have in our lives to be thankful about. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are getting ready to make this day special and wonderful.

Candlelight adds warmth to your room. Using candles to decorate your tablescapes is a wonderfull idea. Floating candles can add this special touch and make your taThanksgiving table look more stylish. Here are some ideas on how you can use floating candles to decorate your holiday table
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My stylish Halloween – 5 Decorating ideas for Halloween

Decorating Ideas for Halloween - Halloween Scene
Halloween is just around the corner. This is one of the holidays that can be fun for the whole family. More is definitely more for Halloween! Exaggerate, go over board! And then put some sparkles and spider webs on top! To avoid total confusion and make your decorating job easier use these 5 Halloween decorating ideas.
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