Counters – Silestone, Corian and Granite – edges and other considerations – 10 steps to create a You-ser friendly kitchen, Step 8

silestone beige

When choosing a counter you have to take in consideration some very important points. The material and the edge of the counter will contribute tremendously to the overall look and feel of your kitchen.
First let’s talk material. Continue reading

Everything about hinges

Hinges can make a great difference in the appearance of your kitchen as well as its functionality. Sometimes just by changing the hinges and the pulls on your cabinets you might achieve an updated look. There are certain terms that allow you to define the types of hinges but the main difference is in how the hinge is attached to the door, Continue reading

Cabinets – finishes, hinges and what-not – 10 steps to create a You-ser friendly kitchen, Step 7

After all the hard work of measuring, choosing the right layout, planning lighting and plumbing, it’s time to order the cabinets. Sounds quite easy right? Well it will be if you take a few moments to learn the know-how. Continue reading

Going high-tech – 10 steps to create a You-ser friendly kitchen, Step 6

Today’s kitchen remodeling and design doesn’t end with choosing the color of the cabinets and the finish of the appliances. There are so many high-tech upgrades that offer conveniences and safety as well as significant savings. From smart faucets to integrated light controls, modern day home allows you to take advantage of new era technology and integrate it into your style. Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting – Brilliant Ideas – 10 steps to create a You-ser friendly kitchen, Step 5

Lighting can make a considerable difference to the presentation and functionality of a kitchen. Designing a high quality energy efficient lighting system that takes advantage of both natural and electric sources and incorporates the right lighting controls is extremely important. There are certain rules to build a proper lighting system, yet, no kitchen is the same, therefore there’s an unlimited possibility to express yourself. Continue reading

10 Steps to create a You-ser Friendly Kitchen – Step 4 – Establishing a Budjet

Renovating a kitchen can be the most expensive project you have ever done. It’s really difficult to cut corners because it’s not possible to do without a stove or a refrigerator. Establishing the budget will help you to identify what’s important for you. Decide what you are going to spend and work with this number. Continue reading

10 Steps to create a you-ser Friendly Kitchen – Step 3 – The Rules and the Rulers

So you chose your kitchen layout. Before you take a break, take a ruler and measure your kitchen. Here are some simple rules to make your design job easy. Continue reading

10 steps to create a you-ser friendly kitchen – Step 2 – Planning Kitchen Layout

Kitchen layout: mystery revealed.

You know exactly what type of cabinets you want and what refrigerator you are going to buy. You chose the color of your walls and material for the counter. But organizing it all in your room can turn into a very difficult task. What’s worse is that once the appliances and the cabinets are installed it could become close to impossible to change it, any mistake can turn into a very expensive new project. Just think what is involved: the electrical work, plumbing, the cabinets. Well you better do it right the first time around. Read our guide to kitchen layout and making it work in your kitchen. Continue reading

10 steps to create a YOU-ser friendly kitchen – Step 1

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes. It’s where we spend the most time and where we prepare our meals, eat, and even entertain. It also tends to be one of the most expensive rooms to remodel. To make it right it requires a lot of planning. Even simple mistakes can be very costly to fix. Doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small, modern or traditional, the ground work is the same. It comes down to the layout, appliances and lighting. These 10 steps will take you through the process of creating an amazing kitchen just for you. Continue reading