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  1. @ 0:15 the board marked as “pins” is actually the “socket” board when using “half blind” dovetails such as these. That would be the “pin” board if you were using “through” dovetails… Good video for an example of mass produced cabinets though…

  2. This is really amazing and innovative. Here at Caral Amoblamientos we want to thank you for experimenting with new alternatives.

  3. mantep bgt mister,,,,inyong olihh nyonto pora?????,,hahahahaha……mudah mudahan nengkono langka kamus bhs jawa yahhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  5. we got dis couch, we got dis couch, dis couch, dis couch, dis couch…cuz its leather, if you like the watch movies, dis ones real cumturble :3

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