Hot ideas for your bathroom – Towel Warmers and Decorative Radiators

Remember when placing a radiator in the bathroom used to be every decorator’s nightmare? Not anymore. Today we have radiant heat floors and a variety of stylish towel warmers and radiators.
An accessory that keeps you warm and your towels dry? And looks nice too? This is a dream of any home owner and designer alike. There are many different shapes, styles and colors, as well as price options. They come in steel finish, oil robbed bronze, chrome and even in a variety of colors.
Consider the following options: :

  • Towel warmers can be hydronic(warmed by hot water) or electric( warmed by electricity)
  • Hard-wired or soft-wired
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding
  • With a built in timer or witout
  • Different wattage. For ex., Mr. Steam 200 series(constructed of steel) is significantly less expensive than the 500 series(brass). The wattage on the 200 series is 400 and the wattage on the 500 is just 150. Steel is generally more difficult to heat up and requires a higher wattage to accomplish it. Because the 500 series towel warmers are made of brass they require less energy to heat it up.

In a lot of case hydronic heaters double as towel warmers, like the one from Runtal.
One important tip: try to place the towel warmer as close to the shower or the tub as possible. You will find it very comforting to find a warm towel as you step out of the shower.
One of my favorite is a decorative radiator from De Longhi – Electric Déco Tiles. It provides you with a possibility to customize the radiator by installing tiles or mosaics that match your bathroom.
Less pricey options include a very stylish Warmrails Regent Hardwire/Softwire Electric Wall Mounted Towel Warmer and Drying Rack – for $288, and Amba Towel Warmers Curved Heated Rails Towel Warmer – for $139.99. Both are currently on sale on the Amazon.
You might also consider installing an In-wall 24-hour electronic, programmable timer for prestart and automatic shut-off of the towel warmer, such as 103588DIG – Digital Timer for Towel Warmer.

Providing great comfort all these towel warmers and decorative radiators are very stylish and original. They normally do not consume too much electricity making them an economical option to warm your bathroom and your towels or even your clothes. Electric Towel Warmers can be installed with a timer, it will aloow you to save even more electricity and conviniently warm your bathroom and your towels just in time for your special bath. Without doubt they will make you bathroom both, more comfortable and stylish.

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