How to Remodel Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from ContinentalDriftMedia and more videos in the Remodeling Kitchens category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Get the look of a pricey kitchen renovation—without the cost. All it takes is a few smart upgrades. To complete this How-To you will need: Paint Stainless steel contact paper New appliance doors Faux granite Cabinet refinishing or refacing High-end kitchen hardware Vinyl flooring A new faucet and sink Step 1: Paint the kitchen Add a fresh coat of paint; it immediately brightens any room. Step 2: Get the look of stainless steel on contact Get the look of high-end appliances by covering them with stainless steel contact paper. Or, get a mishmash of appliances to match by ordering new doors or panels for some of them. Tip: Before you order a new front panel for a dishwasher door, check if yours is reversible, with a different color on the opposite side. Step 3: Get a “granite” counter If you’re still scrubbing Formica, install a faux granite counter for a fraction of the price of the real thing. Step 4: Give cabinets a facelift Give old cabinets a facelift by sanding them down and then refinishing or painting them. Or have them refaced — the cabinet boxes stay but new doors are put on. If your cabinets are in decent
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22 thoughts on “How to Remodel Your Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

  1. i actually like the stainless steel stickers on the appliances could work in a pinch,if you don’t have the money to do a full remodel/upgrade in your kitchen, but still want it to look a little nicer then how it may look now.i think those are the people who the video is directed towards anyways :) of course if you’ve got the money to replace all the appliances then that would obviously be better.

  2. Yeah, nevermind the old toxic plumbing spewing heavy metals into your water supply, unsafe electrical wiring, mold under the sink base and in the walls, inefficient appliances, uninsulated walls, bacteria everywhere, crappy 1/2″ particle board cabinet boxes, etc., etc. Oh, and be sure to use HIGHLY TOXIC vinyl flooring and plastic ‘stainless steel’ shelf liner on your appliances………

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  4. Step 6, add a butcher block island in the kitchen, this would be sweet!
    I got mine here: ChefDepot . com / kitchentables . htm  (copy link and paste together)

  5. I have 3 Kitchens in my house, and I hired a contractor and a kitchen designer, and it looks GREAT now! I had African black wood put with the carved white cabnits, marble countertops sub-zero fridge and wolf appliances, long hanging lights and an all glass backsplash, total cost was only, $357000!!!!!!!!

  6. I spent about 20K on my kitchen and bathrooms. I got Samsung’s solid surface countertops (white pebble frost color) and solid surface sinks. The cabinet maker made me new cabinets according to the design and specs I drew up on my computer. I had the floor guys come in and put in new vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen and I replaced the carpeting too. I got a new GE “clean steel” refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. I saved money by ripping out the old floors sinks, faucets and cabinets myself.

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