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  1. Or use a paint roller to roll the water on. Use a trashcan lid to catch the dropping.

    The big if here is “has it ever been painted”? If it has been painted removal gets much more difficult, the more gloss in that paint, the more difficult. If unpainted it comes off very easy.

    Wet too much area or the taping mud underneath gets soft too and your scraping will damage it.

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    Exposure to asbestos can be a serious health risk. A renovation or demolition will disturb asbestos containing materials then that material must be removed with proper disposal. Disturbing asbestos can disperse particles into the air, where they can then enter the lungs and cause long-term health problems.

  3. We scraped our ceiling when I was little without water. It was so much work my parents gave up and did a new layer of sheetrock over it. (They didn’t know you could spray it with water and they tried to get me to scrape for hours.)

  4. 2 Questions if anyone can answer them: First, can the scraping be done without water? Someone mentioned the mold issue-or is the softening via water really the only way? Second, I plan to rip out/replace the carpet when this is done. Having said this, would the paper on the floor still be necessary or is the spraying not so much that the carpet can’t serve the same purpose?

  5. Very clean job still not making a good use of the disposal.
    Would suggest to wrap paper with ceiling waste only first then plastic aside. Throw the paper away, keep the plastic!

  6. You guys made that look a lot easier than my encounter. Took me way more than 2-3 minutes.. more like 2-3 weeks! Worked alright tho.. I forgot to check the asbestos thing, o well.

  7. If the glop is nice and damp, I should think that would suppress dust. Wearing a proper industrial respirator should take care of things. Getting it wet really seems to have a magical effect.

  8. If you are a pro?? you know there will be floating involved after the scraping of the celing! ther could be goudges from tired arms or even worse the taper knew there would be texture spray and didn’t coat celing proper thinking ??? oh well texture spray will hide it. or there was a problem ? texture spray will hide it?ect. this vid. Is not good for the do it yourselfer. a wet scrape has a chance of mould. a good taper plasterer. would do a dry scrape then float the rest. or cover over if safe.

  9. ok that’s fine if the texture spray was done wrong. meaning the installer didn’t add paint to the mix before he sprayed. or the celing wasn’t painted since.?? well I have a plaster and taping background and have scraped and floated many of these. However it is much cheaper and les labour to drywall over celing with thin 1/4 inch drywall (flexboard). and tape seams/ corners. Light fixture screws usually reinstall. if not spend a couple dollars buy longer screws.

  10. I think it would be easier to spend a few extra minutes up front than many extra hours trying to vacuum that stuff up. lol

  11. Hi Ron, I have a faster way of doing it. By the time you prep up the room, I already removed the popcorn. Off course the house is not occupied and I’m going to paint the walls anyway. Airless sprayer much faster and no drip on the floor. Catch the  popcorn in an empty box in one hand while scraping with the other and dump it in the trash can below – much less mess to clean up. Use a rolling scaffold so no need to get off and on the ladder. Could do a 1,500sf house in about 2 days.

  12. Yes, just water. I usually am just doing repairs, I hardly ever scrape a complete house, or rarely a big room at all. However, I have noticed that all the videos on here that show people spraying the ceiling with water, show them spraying MUCH more than is necessary.I guess it won’t hurt to spray so much, but, I just use a small hand sprayer, something like “fabreeze” or something comes in. It is more than sufficient for a small repair, even a pretty large one. You don’t need much water.

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