Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep | 1080 | HD

Midnight Lights – What Stadiums Do When People Sleep Created by Jimmy Diebold twitter.com bodegastudios.com PatrickReza’s full M83 “Midnight City” dubstep remix soundcloud.com facebook.com Special Thanks to Seattle Seahawks, Christine Viguie, Vulcan Ventures, PatrickReza, Clint Goldman EP @ Bodega, Adam Marsden, Marshal Plante, Rey Andrade, Bill Deebs, Casey Deebs, Phonat, Alan Chimenti, Kurt Shaffer, Cliff Light Master Barnes, Camera Operators: Jason Tanaka jasontanaka.com, Madge & Amanda Bloom http Orhun Uygur, Jon Mack, and Joe Malinao.
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In this tutorial I explain how to acheive a glamour look using umbrella lights. I go over the proper techniques used on many music videos. The example used in this tutorial is taken from a music video I did for artist JReyez. For more please visit my website: www.ANTOS.ca The examples in this video were shot with the Canon 7D. You can see the finished music video here: www.youtube.com Here is a few links to where you can buy similar equipment to the ones used in this tutorial (NOTICE: I am not endorsing any of these sales, or have had any personal dealings with the following sellers, so buy at your own risk!) Umbrella and twin light holder: cgi.ebay.ca Umbrella: cgi.ebay.ca RedHead Tungsten Light: cgi.ebay.ca

48 thoughts on “Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep | 1080 | HD

  1. …Seriously. Thanks dude. Dying to make something revolving around Beast Mode. Keep feeding him skittles until I get to it.

  2. This needs to be made into a Seahawks promo… How sick would that be if this vid had someone like Marshawn Lynch sitting in the lockerroom at 1:05! Good work though man.

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    Thanks for reading this and sorry for doing this on other peoples video

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  5. they just went to authenticviews . com and purchased all these views, i swear anyone can be a youtube sensation nowadays

  6. thank you, i’ve been looking for this kind of explanation about video lighting for awhile. upfront, transparent, and descriptive.

  7. Also, I’ve seen this tutorial about 15 times within the last couple months because I keep coming back to this for reference. One of the best lighting tutorials on Youtube. I really appreciate the time and effort you took in making this tutorial while filming a music video!

  8. AWESOME tutorial … makes a lot of sense doing the tutorial using the finished scene EXCELLENT! … You saved me quite a bit of money as I was a bit indecisive between umbrellas vs soft boxes. Keep more tutorials coming. I subscribed.

  9. AWESOME tutorial! Thanks so much for posting – and for the links to where we can get the gear that you used. Extremely helpful!

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