My stylish Halloween – 5 Decorating ideas for Halloween

Decorating Ideas for Halloween - Halloween Scene
Halloween is just around the corner. This is one of the holidays that can be fun for the whole family. More is definitely more for Halloween! Exaggerate, go over board! And then put some sparkles and spider webs on top! To avoid total confusion and make your decorating job easier use these 5 Halloween decorating ideas.

1. Set a Halloween Theme Scene.
One of the great ideas for Halloween Decorating is to set a scene. First choose your theme. Well it obviously will be Halloween related but then you can let your imagination run wild. You must love Witches and wizards related theme, of course Harry Potter is a favorite of children and adults alike. This theme could feature broomsticks and old artifacts such as candles and candelabra, lanterns and cauldrons to brew mysterious potions, Witch dolls and silhouette stickers on your windows. Put it all together with black fabric and lace, cobwebs and sparkles and voila you have a perfect which scene.
Everybody’s old time favorite is a vampire scene. And now it’s bigger than ever! Twilight and Vampire diaries made us all fall in love with good natured handsome vampires. Decorating for a vampire party can be great fun! Think old castles, iron candlesticks and candelabra (plastic will do just fine!) and Blood dripping candles, that you can buy ready-made or make them yourself by dripping red taper candles down the shaft of white taper candles.
Vampire Halloween Theme scene
Vampire Halloween
2.Use string lights to add some flair to you Halloween decor.
Wrap them around your room or porch, throw some on bushes, put some on the floor and cover in cob webs.
Spiderweb Halloween string lightsSpider Web Halloween String Lights at Wrapables. Of course those Halloween specific lights can get quite expensive around this time. The good news is you can use different color Christmas lights just the same.
Add some old jack-o’-lanterns illuminated from within by candles
Halloween lights and lanterns

3.Use old bottles to decorate for Halloween. Create a spooky witch laboratory full of potions, spells and webs. Mix and match old bottles, paste some fun and spooky labels – get them free at flicker.
Use various old bottles as candlesticks, don’t forget some dust and cobwebs. One more cool idea for an old bottle is to serve red fruit punch and label it as Vampire BLOOD.
4.Decorate your windows with black or dark purple lace. Drape it around your fireplace mantle and table lamps or use as a tablecloth.
Black Lace Tablecloth HAlloweenLace is so elegant and stylish and it will certainly create a very eery look for you room.
HAlloween Black lace

Black LAce Tablecloth from
Use black lace to decorate glass votives – what a great and very simple and inexpensive, yet very elegant idea from Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic.
black lace candle votive
Drape some orange fabric on your walls to create more cheerful mood. Use black or red fabrics for more “serious” Halloween scene. Red or orange fabric underneath black lace will look absolutely fabulous. Don’t you think?
6.Peel & stick vinyl decals – what a great idea for Halloween decoration. Use them to complement any theme. There’s an endless variety including witches, bats, spiders, you name it.
removable decals from
Martha Stuart certainly has potion for holidays. Use mouse removable decals to create a spooky rodent infested scene.
Halloween martha stuart mice

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