Nightclub Lighting Design LED DJ Light Studio & Disco Panel – DMX LED Lighting control. Cool! Best of Nightclub Lighting Design, LED Lighting by Disco Designer, Disco Panel and DJ Light Studio – DMX Lighting Control Software
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revolutionary LED bike lights from MonkeyLectric. Music by Jeffrey Jerusalem ( Video by Jade Ajani. Produced by Dan Goldwater.

43 thoughts on “Nightclub Lighting Design LED DJ Light Studio & Disco Panel – DMX LED Lighting control. Cool!

  1. this is exactly what i want to do. i want to get a studio, so i can have an easier time producing music with my team, but i want a nightclub in the front, small, but still a club. just like this. how much should it run me? i live in kansas so realty shouldnt be much.

  2. lighting isnt too bad, unfortunetaly their “dj” is playing shitty music off of cdj1000’s and not vinal.

  3. Just looked at the webiste and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even bother looking at the prices lol. Awesome video though!!

  4. You’re right, I have no answer for cars being slower than bicycles in big cities. I agree with you on that 100%. Although I would rather be sitting comfortably in my skyline waiting in traffic than peddling myself around with a seat stuck halfway up my ass. Whatever floats your boat though. What surprised me is that you don’t believe I own a skyline, especially because you are from the UK, I thought you would know more about these things.

  5. It’s you that has no credibility. Nothing but an internet trouser mouth who needs car status to big up the size of your small willy.

    Just like you have no answer for cars being slower than bicycles in big cities.

  6. Nice car, but I doubt you actually own one. Even if you did, you’d be the slow vehicle in most big cities, not my bicycle.

  7. of course an old fashioned brit would love cycling. Im sorry, I drive a 400+HP Nissan Skyline R33. My gearbox alone could buy 3 of your slow bicycles 🙂

  8. @colouredbills LOL @ ur ignorance. Cyclists tend to earn much more than the average – 6 out of 10 Boris Bikers in London earn more than £50,000pa, for example. My front wheel is probably worth more than your car.

  9. It’s not about the weight of the bike itself as much as the wheel strength I guess. My friend put one on each Easton road bike wheel and they fucked his wheels pretty bad.

    But anyway, I don’t plan on arguing with anybody.
    Ride safe!

  10. I use some knogg like lights attached to my rear hub and they work great for visibility. I use a Blackburn front light too. Trust me, I don’t mind weight on my bike and I need visibility but using Monkeylectric lights will render your wheels untrue if you don’t have them paired on a wheel. It’s simple physics.
    I cycle in a 3+ million habitants city with 500k cars going around everyday. Trust me. Highly unfriendly.

  11. Anybody who thinks attaching 300grams worth of plastic on his spokes is a good idea must really hate his wheels.

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