Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep | 1080 | HD

Midnight Lights – What Stadiums Do When People Sleep Created by Jimmy Diebold twitter.com bodegastudios.com PatrickReza’s full M83 “Midnight City” dubstep remix soundcloud.com facebook.com Special Thanks to Seattle Seahawks, Christine Viguie, Vulcan Ventures, PatrickReza, Clint Goldman EP @ Bodega, Adam Marsden, Marshal Plante, Rey Andrade, Bill Deebs, Casey Deebs, Phonat, Alan Chimenti, Kurt Shaffer, Cliff Light Master Barnes, Camera Operators: Jason Tanaka jasontanaka.com, Madge & Amanda Bloom http Orhun Uygur, Jon Mack, and Joe Malinao.
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In this tutorial I explain how to acheive a glamour look using umbrella lights. I go over the proper techniques used on many music videos. The example used in this tutorial is taken from a music video I did for artist JReyez. For more please visit my website: www.ANTOS.ca The examples in this video were shot with the Canon 7D. You can see the finished music video here: www.youtube.com Here is a few links to where you can buy similar equipment to the ones used in this tutorial (NOTICE: I am not endorsing any of these sales, or have had any personal dealings with the following sellers, so buy at your own risk!) Umbrella and twin light holder: cgi.ebay.ca Umbrella: cgi.ebay.ca RedHead Tungsten Light: cgi.ebay.ca

Powerful Solar Storm Sets Off Amazing Northern Lights Show

Lights Over Lapland photographer Chad Blakley captured this amazing view of the aurora borealis in Sweden on January 24th, 2012. The January 23rd solar flare and ensuing coronal mass ejection are the ‘lighting engineers’ of this incredible display. Credit: Chad Blakley www.lightsoverlapland.com

Argee RG820S Let’s Light It 20-Foot Decorative Plastic Brick Edging with 4 Built-In Solar Lights, Terra Cotta

Argee RG820S Let’s Light It 20-Foot Decorative Plastic Brick Edging with 4 Built-In Solar Lights, Terra Cotta

  • The Lets Edge It decorative plastic brick edging with built-in solar lights snaps together and can easily be pressed into the ground
  • 20-foot brick path can be laid straight or can curve
  • Glamorize home into showplace in minutes; adds safety and security by lighting up walkway
  • No need to buy lights & edging separately.
  • Comes with 24 bricks, 4 lighted bricks, 28 plastic connectors, and 2 end caps

20 Feet “Lets Edge It” Plastic Brick Edging with 4 Built-In Solar Lights and 24 regular plastic bricks. Lights and edges your yard with one product. Circle a tree in minutes. Product will automatically curve or go straight. Safety and security – lighting up a walkway. No hauling, digging, mixing mortar. Just Snap together & Press in ground. It’s that easy.

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List Price: $ 61.95

Price: $ 39.95