Powerful Solar Storm Sets Off Amazing Northern Lights Show

Lights Over Lapland photographer Chad Blakley captured this amazing view of the aurora borealis in Sweden on January 24th, 2012. The January 23rd solar flare and ensuing coronal mass ejection are the ‘lighting engineers’ of this incredible display. Credit: Chad Blakley www.lightsoverlapland.com

16 thoughts on “Powerful Solar Storm Sets Off Amazing Northern Lights Show

  1. Northern lights is juzt this power that cimes frim massive energy like for example the sun and when it errupts sometimez. Idk what effects there may be but I’m pretty sure there harmeless. The green is oxygen so its like its giving us a boost of clean air thay hapoenz rarely

  2. Thx Chad – breathtaking time sequenced movie – we eventually saw them yesterday (1st March 2012) and some amazing shots after your advice on how to setup the camera.
    All the best, Robin & Karen.

  3. Wow! Beautiful. About 2 days ago I saw some great Northern Lights. The sky was just filled and it was a clear night. I’ve seen them my whole life and I’m still captivated by them. Awesome video. 🙂

  4. I wish I could find a video similar to what I saw; green stripes from North to South moving over-heard very fast, like being inside a cat’s-eye marble rolling across the floor, it made me dizzy.

  5. Yep all the lies are going away and true lifes coming back to earth real life. Thank you this video was great, inspirational to me

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