Going high-tech – 10 steps to create a You-ser friendly kitchen, Step 6

Today’s kitchen remodeling and design doesn’t end with choosing the color of the cabinets and the finish of the appliances. There are so many high-tech upgrades that offer conveniences and safety as well as significant savings. From smart faucets to integrated light controls, modern day home allows you to take advantage of new era technology and integrate it into your style.

  • A faucet may seem to be a very simple kitchen appliance. Yet we use it more than any other. Finding the right faucet that fits your style and satisfies your needs is very important. And today the world of faucets is richer than ever! Faucets equipped with multiple articulated joints, folding necks, or spouts on pullout hoses so you can direct water deep into any corner of the sink or fill your tallest flower vase. How about a faucet with built-in lighting – colorful LEDs indicate whether water is hot or cold, while soft white lights elegantly illuminate the water stream. Infrared or motion sensors installed on some faucets detect the wave of your hand or spatula to turn these kitchen faucets on and off— important if your hands are occupied or covered in dough.

    Automatic faucets allow you to preset the tempreture of the water, open the water with the touch of hand or foot.
  • You cannot overestimate the importance of a heating system. Even in warmer climates a kitchen with a warm floor is a luxury. Adding radiant heat floor to your kitchen will make it more warm and inviting and might save you money in the long run. Radiant heating system supplies heat directly to the floor. The most popular are SunTouch and WarmlyYours (TempZone), both using a heating wire secured to a supporting material
    SunTouch Floor Warming Mats

    • Electric radiant floors (electric cables built into the floor)Floor Temperature control
    • Hot water (hydronic) radiant floors
  • Smart lighting system is another convenience that saves you money and creates a comfortable environment in your home. Things like occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, clock switches, a variety of manual and automatic dimming devices, and centralized controls are easy to install and make a lot of difference. Some controls use line-voltage power, others are low-voltage (DC) powered. Wireless control technology such as Vizia RF +™, can be used for scene/zone control of lighting, household appliances and electronics.

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